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I lived in Florida for twenty-two years before I moved to Georgia.  It was great being close to the beach and getting days off during hurricane season, but as a child I always dreamed about snow.  We’d visit family up North in the winter, and I got to see it a few times in person.  I’d borrow snow clothes from my cousins (because what Florida kid has need for their own snow clothes??) and we’d squeal in delight as we went sledding, made snowmen and threw snowballs.  It was such a rare occurrence for me to see snow, it thrilled me every time.  The grownups would always grumble about how the snow made it difficult to drive and required shoveling the driveway, but all I could see about the snow was how exciting it was!

Since moving to Georgia, we’ve gotten to see real snowfall three times.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw snow in Georgia.  It was the day after my bachelorette party last year, and I had to make the trip from Atlanta back to Macon- my first time driving in the snow.  My cousin Nina, a resident of Illinois and true snow expert, showed me how to do it and explained that those crazy sounds my tires were making were normal.  I made it home safely and then jumped around in the snow for a while with Matthew.

Most schools in the Atlanta area were closed or letting kids go home early today in preparation for the snow. Matthew and I made our trip to the grocery store to stock up on food, and just as we started driving home, the flakes started to fall.  The snow has been falling consistently ever since, and our neighborhood is beautifully blanketed with white powder.  We live in a third floor apartment and there is a huge pine tree right outside our window.  It looks amazing in the snow and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

Hooray for a snow day!  I hope all of you are bundled up at home with your loved ones, snuggling together and enjoying this lovely start to your Valentine’s Day weekend!







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