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Conversion complete!! {Nerd Alert!!}

Most of you know that I’ve been wanting to switch over to a Mac for a while, and now I finally have!!  I’d been working with the Dell laptop that I got from law school (yes, Mercer University gives all their law students computers) and it really wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I agonized over whether I should get a laptop or a desktop forever, and then after realizing that I’d be doing a good bit of traveling for weddings this year, I decided to get both.  Go big or go home right?

If you are a fan of The Studio B Photography on Facebook you probably noticed that I religiously checked the FedEx tracking on my MacBook (who I have named Moshe) and my iMac (who I have named Igor) and I was eagerly waiting for them both to arrive from China.  The MacBook arrived before the iMac, giving me some time to warm up to the differences between a Mac and PC before I was thrown into 27 inch monitor madness.

Yesterday the iMac FINALLY arrived and I was so excited!!  It is absolutely beautiful and everything I hoped that it would be.  The screen is E N O R M O U S and the colors are just fantastic.  I’m so pleased.

Check out Moshe and Igor in their new home!!






  • Lula - Very Nice! Wishing you, Igor, Moshe & The Studio B Photography all the best! 🙂 LM

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