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Wonderful Words | Stop The Glorification of Busy

Stop the Glorification of Busy by Kelly Cummings

Beautiful hand lettering by Kelly Cummings.

When you have your own business there is an incredible amount of pressure to stay busy.

Even if you’re not, social media can give the impression to others that you are busy.

Presumably being busy translates into making money and that seems wonderful.

This fall when Caroline was born, I decided to say no to being busy.

No to shooting weddings during the most popular time of the year and no to basically half of my annual income.

Instead I chose to stop the glorification of busy and slow my life down.  It’s not always an easy thing to do.

Sometimes I find myself hurrying to put her in her swing so she can take a nap and I can get up to go do something.

Perhaps return an email from an inquiring bride, or work on submitting a wedding for publication.

Then I remember, these days of snuggling my sleepy baby on my chest will go by far too quickly.

I am thankful to be able to witness her first smile, listen as she babbles her sweet baby talk to me and hear her beautiful laughter.

I am happy not be stressing over whether it will be raining for the 4th Saturday in a row or worrying about how many photos I can edit while she’s asleep.

At times I feel guilty that I’m not contributing as much financially as I have in years past.

Then my amazing husband reminds me that what I’m doing now is worth more than 50 years worth of money from shooting weddings.

Nothing can replace this time spent with my precious baby, as she comes to understand more about the world around her each day and I learn how to be her mother.

So I let go of the guilt, shamelessly upload another cute picture of her to Instagram, and settle down on her nursery floor for another afternoon picnic as she plays next to me.

This is the kind of busy I like to be.




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