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It’s a simple word, but for a place to really feel like home is anything but easy.

Ten years ago this summer, I moved away from home and went off to college.  Ever since then, I’ve been on the move.

Most of the time I’d stay somewhere for an entire school year; the longest I lived in the same spot was in law school when I managed to stay put for two years.

Eventually the time would come to pack everything up in boxes (always with more stuff than I had when I moved in!) and head off to somewhere new.

Since Matthew and I started dating, we’ve lived in five different places together.  In our case, the fifth time is the charm!

We bought our first home this spring, and we finally have a place to call home.

No longer do we save boxes in the basement for the next time we have to pack up our belongings.

Instead we paint the walls with colors that we like and buy new furniture for my new meeting space.

No longer do we have to do laundry with weird old dryers that don’t work properly.

Instead we have a new washer and dryer with more options than I know how to use.

It makes me so happy that when we have friends or clients over, they’re not just spending time in some place we live.

They are visiting our home.





Cute Sayings for Home

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