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Westin Atlanta Perimeter Wedding | Mohini + Sumir | Part One

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He was the kind of guy with that personality and sense of style that caught the interest of all the girls.  She was the girl who won his heart with her sweet personality and witty ways.

Sumir and Mohini (or Sumo, as they’re collectively known to their friends) had a long engagement which allowed them to plan the wedding of their dreams.

They brought us on board to be their photographers all the way back in 2009.  I remember meeting with them on Christmas Eve and being amazed by how adorable they were together as I watched them excitedly talk about how they envisioned their wedding day.

Together with their team of fantastically talented vendors like decorator Ragini from Weddings InStyle and Nancy from Elegant Weddings & Affairs, their ideas were brought to life last week in one of the most beautiful celebrations of love I’ve ever seen.

For those of you unfamiliar with Indian weddings, they include way more than just a ceremony and a reception.

The events actually begin two days before the wedding day, and kick off with an evening of mehndi for the bride and her girls, which is where everyone has henna designs painted on their arms.

I got to join in on the fun and had the designs applied to only the tops of my hands so that I could still take pictures 🙂

Following the mendhi, the next morning consists of the Grahshanti and Puja, a religious ceremonies performed at the bride’s home. That evening, all of the guest gather for the garba, which is an evening of traditional dances as well as performances by the couple’s family and friends.

There were so many fabulous parts of Mohini + Sumir’s wedding day that I just had to split the pictures up into two posts.  I think it’s more fun this way, because now you have part two to look forward to!

I hope you enjoy your introduction into the wonderful world of Sumo’s wedding!

P.S. Be sure to check out their same-day edit of the wedding from the amazing folks over at Three Ring Weddings: just click here to head over to watch it!




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Westin Atlanta Wedding

Nancy Fields Ragini Patel

Ragini Patel Wedding Decorator

Wedding Coordinator: Nancy Fields; Elegant Weddings & Affairs

Wedding Decorator: Ragini Patel; Weddings InStyle by Ragini Patel

Wedding Cinematographer: Jeremy Doublestein; Three Ring Weddings

Garba Venue: Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

DJ: Sahil K

  • Kellee - Gorgeous colours! You’ve captured the vibrancy of the celebration so well 🙂

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