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So, as a Florida kid, snow thrills me to no end.  Yes, I understand that it’s inconvenient and all that negative stuff, but it’s also SO COOL!!  I got to drive in the snow for the first time this month, and it was quite an interesting experience.  I was in Atlanta for my bachelorette party, and had to drive back to Macon in real live snowfall.  I’m not talking flurries that melt immediately.  I’m talking fat, big, pile up on your windshield snow.  It was scary and awesome at the same time.

When I got home, everyone was outside and playing in the snow.  We went to the top of Coleman Hill and there were a group people who had dragged random things to sled with.  Pool floats, recycling bins, garbage can lids…  I saw one smart person who’d brought a tube (like you would ride in behind a boat) and asked if I could borrow it.  I tubed down that hill on my tummy and laughed the whole way down.  It was amazing.  I hadn’t ridden down a snow covered hill since I was about nine, and I had just as much fun doing it this time!  Check out our snow day!


Shlomo, our snowman.  He was not large, but he was cute.


Matthew and his snowball at the law school.


Me in front of the Hay House, being a big kid.


Snow dog exploring the pawprints of those who played before him.

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