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No More Work | My Mom Retires

Ever since I was a little kid I can always remember my mom saying one of her favorite phrases:

A mommy’s work is never done!

Although I’m not a mother myself yet, I can definitely see how that is true.

Except for a few years when I was really young, my mom has spent the better half of the last 30+ years working a job in addition to the full time job of being a mom.

She’s always been the kind of person who is cheerful about going to work, actually enjoys being busy, and showed me the value in working for what you want instead of waiting for someone to give it to you.

This week I was really excited for her because she celebrated her last day at work.


Thanks to my sweet dad who flew me home, I got to be there to surprise my mom at her retirement party thrown for her by her great friends from work.

My aunt joined in the surprise and we hid in the back of the restaurant and watched with excitement as she walked in.

She began chatting with her various friends who had come to wish her well and then I tapped her on the shoulder.

It was great to see the multitude of emotions cross her face as she turned around and realized that it was me.

Wait, what??  How did you get here??  Aren’t you supposed to be in Atlanta??

I really enjoyed getting to be there for her celebration and spending a little bit of time at home before heading back to Atlanta the next day.

Congratulations on your retirement Mom!! You’ve definitely earned it.

Now that I’m grown up and on my own and you’re retired, I’m so happy for you that your work is (mostly) done!

I love you and know that you’ll enjoy this new stage of your life sans alarm clock.



(all photos by my dad)

Her reaction to the surprise visit.

Yes, I am wearing a sundress in December.

I was in Florida and it was warm.

Judge if you must.

After my aunt surprised her too!

  • Lula - This blog touched me in way I didn’t and cannot express at the moment. However, simply put for now; Thank You! LYMM

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