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My Mommy + Daddy: THIRTY Years of Marriage

Matthew and I recently packed up the car and drove down to South Florida with the dog to spend Thanksgiving with our families.  Because we’re both our own bosses (which is FANTASTIC aside from the whole private health care issue) we got to enjoy the ENTIRE week off for Thanksgiving and spend time with those we are most thankful for.

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this past September, and we finally got around to taking the pictures I’d promised them while I was home.

They have such a wonderful marriage, and I look up to them so much 🙂

I spoke about it in my speech at our wedding, and I’ll share part of it with you:

This may be a random story, but it’s the example of the kind of marriage my parents have that has always stood out to me.  When I was younger, we used to go on long car trips frequently.  With me in the backseat armed with coloring books, regular books, and various other forms of entertainment, my parents would drive as far as Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York to see family.  You know who you are…You’re all here!  What I remember most about those trips (other than the fact that I didn’t understand why we didn’t just fly and get it over with) was how my parents would TALK to each other.  Through all those states, all those miles, they never ran out of things to say to each other.  I remember thinking back then, in my little kid brain:  how can they do all that talking and not get BORED!?!?!

That’s what real love means to me.  Once I was older, I knew that I wanted a man that I could talk to throughout my life’s journey.  In Matthew, I’ve found that person.  Thank you Mami and Papi for giving me a way to measure a marriage without even realizing it.  Thank you for the countless sacrifices you’ve made for me, and support you’ve provided over the years.








I get it from my momma!


Always a daddy’s girl 🙂

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