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Monogramming | Little Things

If you’ve ever been to our house this week’s Little Thing should not surprise you at all.

Monogramming things thrills me to no end.  In a shocking turn of events, my favorite letter is the letter B.

It’s definitely part of my everyday life because of the name of my business, and if you’re curious on why I named it The Studio B Photography, the B is simply for Becca.

However, I definitely do not limit my letter love only to B.  I’ve got notepads with E’s on them for Enslein, other things with R’s for Rebecca and when we got married we got a ton of sheets/towels/etc. with REM on them for our couple’s monogram.

If you happen to be a guy reading this and are wondering what the heck a couple’s monogram is, don’t feel bad…you’re not supposed to know!

I chose my B mug and my B hook to photograph because they’re two key pieces in helping me stay organized.  As you may have noticed from my previous post on my pretty pink planner I love finding cute things that are also functional.

The mug holds all of my pens, which before having the mug had a bad habit of disappearing.  I’d find them in the kitchen or on a table or dresser somewhere.  Now they stay on my desk, which is where they need to be!

The B hook usually has a purse or two on it, which makes it easy to find when I’m trying to run out the door.  Plus it keeps Maccabee from rooting around in it, which is what happens if I leave it on the floor.

Hooray for monogramming!

Have a fabulous rest of the week!



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