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Magazines + Neatness | Little Things

If you’re new here, welcome to Little Things!

It’s a weekly post I’ve started doing where I write a quick snippet about something small that brings me joy.

This week it’s magazines; there’s something about them that I just can’t get enough of.

From the clean layouts to the beautiful photographs, I enjoy every bit of it.

I have magazines of all kinds, but I probably have more wedding ones than any other.

When Matthew and I were engaged, wedding magazines were one my favorite parts of planning.

I’d buy a bunch, and as motivation to get into shape for the big day, I’d only allow myself to read them when I was at the gym.

Although we’re married now, I still buy a few here and there.  It’s important to me to keep up to date on what’s going on in the industry aside from just the photography aspect of things.

I tend to keep magazines around for a while, so instead of accumulating them on my desk in towering stacks, I decided to put them in bins mounted to the wall.  I use these from Pottery Barn and they’ve worked great so far.

Keeping my office neat is another little thing that makes me happy.

I function so much better without clutter everywhere; it gives me a sort of subconscious peace and more room to be productive!

I hope you have a productive week too!



Pottery Barn Daily Organization System

  • jennifer - I love your little things posts! An attitude of thankfulness for the small things in life is something that I truly appreciate! I find a lot of joy in Southern Weddings Magazine! 🙂

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