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Maccabee’s First Trip to the Beach!

As you already know, Matthew and I made the trek from Atlanta to South Florida to spend Thanksgiving with our families.  It was Maccabee’s first long distance car ride (since the 3.5 hour ride home from the breeder in Tennessee that he spent in my lap) and it was an interesting experience for all of us.  The first half hour of the trip he was whining like none other.  He rides in the car all the time…to the dog park, to the regular park, to the vet, etc. but he wasn’t used to riding in the car cooped up in his crate and was not pleased.

IMG_0385(iPhone picture)

After the initial whining stopped, he settled down and napped for most of the trip like a good boy.

IMG_0454(iPhone picture capturing the position we have dubbed “dead dog”)

maccabee-2The first full day we were in Florida, we decided to take him to the beach for the first time.  After all, Matthew and I were raised like good Florida kids on the sun, sand and surf, so why shouldn’t our pup get the same experience??  We took him down to Jupiter beach, kicked off our Rainbows, and let the boy get his first taste of what life would be like if we lived in South Florida.





After he explored the sand extensively (and tried to eat it) we tried to get him to go into the water.  If you’ve ever had a Doberman, you know they HATE going in the water.  Maccabee was no different!



After a while at the beach, we all went to Hurricane Cafe, a great beachy restaurant that is dog-friendly.  The waitresses loved him, and even brought him his own water bowl filled with ice!  Maccabee had so much fun!

IMG_0398(iPhone picture)

After all those new experiences, Maccabee was quite tired and let me take a few pictures of him while he relaxed in the back of the car on the way home.  He usually tries to lick/eat the lens when I attempt to take his picture, so I was happy to get the opportunity.




  • Kat Forsyth - Adorable shots! I love the close-up of the nose! And the PP on the last one is gorgeous!

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