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King and Prince Wedding | Lauren + Chris | St. Simon’s

You think that they would have realized how good they’d be together when they first met.  Chris was the punter for FSU’s football team at the time, Lauren used to be a cheerleader.  However, after the first time they met out at a college bar, they went on living life like nothing big had happened.  Oh, but it had.  He was always in the back of her mind.  I would know such things.  After all, I was her roommate 🙂

Every now and then he’d come up in conversation, and we’d giggle about it like silly college girls do.  I managed to snag sweet seats to a football game that season and I tested the limits of my old point and shoot trying to get zoomed in pictures of him from my stealthy vantage point.  The season ended and a new semester began.  He graduated, but stayed in town to get his Master’s degree.  Many months later, it was time for Lauren and I to graduate.  She stayed in town for her first job and I left to go to law school.  Finally, God decided he’d kept the two of them apart for long enough and Chris got up the courage to ask Lauren out for lunch.  Lunch lasted for four hours, and they knew then they were onto something.

After dating for a little over a year, the two of them were up at Lauren’s lake house for the Fourth of July with her family.  After the last Roman Candle had been extinguished, Chris turned to her and got down on one knee.  I didn’t want you to think the fireworks were over. She jumped into his arms, cried and said yes.  The family celebrated America and a new addition to the family with champagne and Mimi’s famous Fourth of July cake.

The wedding was at the gorgeous King and Prince Resort in St. Simon’s, Georgia.  I was in the wedding, so I was only able to take pictures while we were all getting ready and at the rehearsal the day before.  It was a great time!


The flower girl at the rehearsal


Lauren and her parents


My handsome fiance Matthew!


Lauren’s fabulous Rivini gown




Lauren and her sister Mallory, the maid of honor


Watching the guests start to sit down

  • gigi28 - wow I don’t even know her but this pictures are just stunning! Very well taken. I like her dress. I wish you well in your wedding. again, great pictures!

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