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Loft Wedding | Kirsten + Raj: The Ceremony | Atlanta

Can I please tell you how much I love it when clients do their own thing and have a wedding that suits their unique personalities perfectly?  Over warm pita bread and hummus with former bride Rebekah last week she mentioned that she had friends who were getting married soon.  She went on to say that  they were having a small ceremony at their place followed by a potluck reception with all their friends the next evening.  Of course, I’m always up for something new and told her that it sounded like it would be a great thing to photograph!  I was so excited when Kirsten contacted me shortly thereafter and we arranged for me to be their wedding photographer.

The adoration between these two is so apparent it just melts your heart.  When I asked Kirsten how they met she told me that she was performing a song in Hindi and Raj happened to be in the audience.  After the show, he was so taken with her he went up and introduced himself to her.  However, after such a moving performance, a LOT of people introduced themselves to Kirsten, and the first introduction wasn’t as successful as Raj had hoped.  Luckily, their paths crossed again not long afterward and this time, Raj’s introduction stuck.  The two started dating and have been nerds together ever since (their words, not mine).  In fact, the pair have “nerds together” engraved on their wedding rings, which I think is incredibly cute.

The bride and groom live in a fantastic loft in Atlanta and chose their picturesque rooftop to be the location for their wedding ceremony.  As their family looked on, Reverend Deanna Lancaster read the passages that Kirsten and Raj had selected and married them overlooking the skyline.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had the opportunity to take rooftop pictures, then head to Piedmont Park to take advantage of all the fantastic spring blooms.

When I first arrived at Kirsten and Raj’s place, I noticed that it backed up to a railroad track which had this tall tower with a couple of train signals on it.  The signal tower also had a ladder on it, a fact I mentioned to them along with a casual Oh look, there’s a ladder on that thing- we could climb up there and take pictures.  Wouldn’t that be cool? I was half serious, half just thinking out loud, but they jumped right on it and said that they thought that was a great idea.  So after our park portraits, Kirsten kicked off her cute yellow heels and laced up her sneakers for the climb.  Raj exchanged his new suit for some more appropriate climbing clothes and off we went.

Although I’m not really scared of heights, I’d never done such a thing, especially not with two cameras hanging from my neck.  After I had done a lawyerly sweep of the area (there aren’t any signs saying “no trespassing” so let’s do this!) we all headed for the top of the signal tower/bridge thing.  I took some pictures up there and then headed down for the shot that I’d envisioned when I first blurted out my idea of climbing the thing in the first place.  Kirsten and Raj know Rebekah and Jon from doing tango together and I was positively delighted when they began to tango while they were up there.  It was wonderful to watch and I was so excited that I was able to photograph such a unique scene.

Many thanks for inviting me to be part of your day Kirsten and Raj!  I appreciate your sense of adventure and your easy going attitude more than you know!

Stay tuned for pictures from the party coming soon!

  • Renee Bell - awesome pics – love couples that do soemthing different!!!

  • Marianne Taylor - Loving the under the cherry tree and above the city shots.

  • Jamie M Swanson - Madison WI - I agree with Marianne – the cherry tree one is my fave!

  • Kristi Wright - Wow some very cool shots!!! I really like the ring on the upside down shoe.

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