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Brooks Museum Wedding | Kristin + Eric | Memphis

Kristin and Eric starting chatting at a company event in Vegas, and came back friends.  They went out a few times, but after a few dates, he still had not kissed her.  She wondered what was going on.  Did he like her?  Was he playing games?

Finally, the moment came, and it was no ordinary kiss.  It was a kiss.  For you see, this was no ordinary girl.  This was one of my best friends. When she called me, it was as if her excitement jumped out of the phone.

This is IT.

Just like that.  She knew.  At the time, I couldn’t comprehend how a person could know so much from just one kiss, but I was thrilled for her. As the months went by, it became apparent that the two of them were headed for forever, and I was so excited when Kristin called me with the news that she was engaged!

The wedding was in Memphis, where the two are from.  I was the maid of honor in the wedding, so my opportunities to take pictures were limited to all the activities leading up to the big moment.  I think you’ll all agree that she was quite a lovely bride.   It was a weekend of fun and much love, and I was honored to be a part of it.


Lauren at the rehearsal holding the marriage license… So cool!  She’s up next to get married, which is why she’s got that smile on.


The groom’s brother and his girlfriend at the rehearsal dinner.


The bride’s mom reading over the songs we’d end up singing at the sing along later.


The groom’s mom leading the sing along.


The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner.


Kristin and a relative at the bridal brunch the morning of the wedding.


Finishing putting on the dress!  What a bride!!


Putting on the garter… Wooo!


The beautiful bride!


Such an elegant moment


Ready to walk down that aisle and get MARRIED!

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