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I feel like I’m married to the bar exam…

It’s not a very fulfilling relationship.

I got to thinking about it today while I was studying, and decided to take some pictures of my rings and my study materials as a joke.  The pictures probably won’t be very entertaining to people who aren’t studying for the bar, but everyone likes diamonds right?

When I study at home, I open all the shutters in the room so all the natural light can come in.  That way I  can pretend that I’m a functioning member of society instead of a hermit with a highlighter.

While studying, I always keep an eye out for our friend Stubbs, the stray cat that Matthew and I feed.  I named him Stubbs because he has no tail. He loves naps, cat treats and being pet…in that order.  I can understand his love for naps, but my need to learn more before the bar exam keeps me from taking them as much as I’d like.

And now for the second installation of a day in the life of The Studio B Photography…Bar Study Edition.






Oh hello there human!  Would you like to feed me?


Yes, I see you there.  You still haven’t fed me yet…What’s the delay?


Treats distracted him while I took some pictures.


But the clicks of the shutter scared him away from his treats…for a little bit


Now you can see why we named him “Stubbs”


Back for more treats.



After eating all the treats, he was on his way.

  • Kristine Nola - ahhh!!! More love!!! (not the studying but more importantly those diamonds!) Kudos to Matthew for some good taste (or a good woman steering him in the right direction!) = ]

  • Lindsay - I totally know how you felt! I was that way last summer. I took pics too 🙂

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