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I Dreamt of a White Christmas | It Came True

As a kid growing up in Florida I always longed for a white Christmas.  Of course, that was all but impossible in a state where it was common to go the beach after opening your presents.

There were a few times we ventured up North to spend Christmas with my cousins in Maryland and I thought that would increase my chances of seeing the magical white stuff.

No such luck.

So when I checked the forecast at the beginning of the week and saw that there was a chance of snow on Christmas this year, my heart did a little happy dance in my chest.

It’s snowed a few times already here in Georgia this winter, but it’s been lame little flurries that just made the ground slushy and gross and driving a dangerous disaster.

I hoped that if it snowed on Christmas we’d get big beautiful flakes that would coat the ground and transform our neighborhood into a winter wonderland, just like in Home Alone (my favorite Christmas movie EVER!)

Sure enough, on Christmas Day the flurries began.  Wimpy and wet, they quickly disappeared into the grass faster than I tore open my wonderful gifts from my darling husband.

Then, after we woke up from our afternoon nap, the snow got serious.  It started coming down like it meant business and it started sticking.

Soon the neighborhood was blanketed in gorgeous powdery snow, the likes of which Atlanta had not seen since the 1800’s.

It was so beautiful and I was so excited!!

The dogs weren’t nearly as thrilled.

Maccabee’s dislike for the cold is somewhat balanced by his innate desire to eat as much snow as he can. Juno likes to run around following us, so while we were outside running around she was happy to join in on the snowball throwing and such.

Our Christmas day was just perfect and I hope that you and your loved ones had a magical day as well!



Atlanta White Christmas

Snow in Smyrna on Christmas Day 2010

Doberman in the snow

Maccabee’s initial introduction to the snow.

Dog with funny expression

Maccabee’s expression one minute later after realizing how cold it is outside.

Snowy Pinecone

Dobermans in snowSnowy Doberman

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