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Hello Fresh Reviews | Easy Healthy Dinners

Every now and then something so fabulous enters my life that I can’t help but share it in a blog post (like this blast from the past when I discovered Pinterest three years ago.)

Such is the case with Hello Fresh, the meal delivery service that has revolutionized the way our family does dinner.

That sounds like a bold statement, but it is true.

It takes a lot of time and effort to run a business, be a mom, spend time with my husband, and keep our crazy dog alive.

At the end of most days I no longer possess the brainpower to come up with something tasty, healthy and creative for dinner.

I always have two things in our freezer- salmon fillets and pizza. If I haven’t gone grocery shopping, we’re eating one of those things.

Before Hello Fresh, we ate those things A LOT.

Now, we get three healthy meals delivered to our doorstep every Wednesday and I get to eliminate a lot of stress about what’s for dinner.

Each meal comes with all of the necessary ingredients perfectly portioned, which I absolutely adore.

Cooking with fresh herbs is fantastic, and when I used to go grocery shopping for them I would always end up wasting about 3/4 of each package I bought.

The same goes for vegetables, jars of sauce, or bags of potatoes.

I’d leave the remaining amount in some random corner of our fridge and then I’d find it a couple weeks later, totally unusable and looking like a science experiment.

With Hello Fresh, I use up everything that comes in the box and nothing goes to waste. It is awesome!

Here’s how I use the service to make my life easier and my tummy happier:


Hello Fresh Meal Choice

First, I pick which meals I’d like for the week. You can get five to choose from, so if there’s a meal you’re not crazy about, you can have something else.

Hello Fresh Reviews

Next, the food arrives on our doorstep. I usually do a happy dance when this happens and Maccabee barks at the FedEx man who delivers it.

Hello Fresh Packing

The box is packed with foam insulation and two giant ice blocks to keep the meat cold.

Hello Fresh Ingredients

The other ingredients are packed separately on top of the meat. Everything is labeled to show which recipe it belongs to.

Hello Fresh Eliminates Wasting Ingredients

The ingredients are perfectly portioned so there’s no measuring to do and nothing goes to waste. Again, I LOVE this aspect.


Each meal comes with a recipe card including pictures and the steps for preparation. You also get the nutritional information for every meal.

Hello Fresh Reviewshellofreshreview-7

Caroline is just getting introduced to solid food and loves to sit in her high chair and keep me company in the kitchen while I cook.


She never lacks interesting facial expressions, especially when it comes to eating!


While Caroline makes her faces, I get to work prepping the ingredients for dinner.


Each meal takes 30 minutes or less to make. It’s quick and easy!



Finally, the meal is prepared and it’s time to eat!


Another great thing about Hello Fresh is that you don’t have to commit to a certain number of meals.

You just click on the calendar and let them know which weeks you’d like deliveries and which weeks you don’t.

I usually only schedule one week ahead, but you can do whatever works best for you.

Hello Fresh Subscription

For three meals for two people it is only $69 per week.

I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner, I cut out trips to the grocery store (where I inevitably purchase junk food we don’t need) and stop money on ingredients I won’t use.

It is entirely worth it, especially if you use the coupon code CMV99M and get $20 off your first delivery.

For only $49, you might as well give it a try!

If you have more questions about Hello Fresh, feel free to ask me, or you can refer to their FAQ page on their website.

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