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Goodwood Wedding | Hayley + Phillip | Tallahassee

Phillip and Hayley knew of each other long before they started dating; they were neighbors for several years first. They were separated by only one-tenth of a mile, three other houses, and some pine trees.

They were just neighbors for nearly five years before they began to date, but their communication merely consisted of friendly smiles and waves in passing in the neighborhood and the halls of Leon High School.

Wanting to stay in shape for cheerleading, Hayley took up running for exercise. She’d pass Phillip’s house on her afternoon run and the thought of maybe seeing her cute neighbor provided for excellent motivation. If her timing was just right, she’d make it past his house about the time he pulled up in his old, black bronco, coming home from his after-school job at his dad’s pawn shop.

Phillip was friends with Hayley’s best friend Tricia (and maid of honor!) and finally one Friday night in the fall, he stopped by Tricia’s house to visit.  He hung out with the girls while watching TV, playing video games, and telling stories.

A week later, on the way to the last class of the day, Phillip stopped Hayley in the foyer at school, and he asked her to go with him to the homecoming dance.

The homecoming date turned into many more. They have been together for high school dances and sorority date functions, spent holidays together with family, and summer nights with friends.

After seven years of dating, Phillip finally proposed at the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine.

The pair were married in their hometown of Tallahassee and opted for a first look, which of course made me very happy. They did both their first look and had their reception at the historic Goodwood Museum and Gardens.  Hayley is my sorority sister from Florida State and I had a blast at the wedding getting to see old friends while taking pictures.

She and Phillip were such good sports and even with the heat index well past 100 degrees, they were still beaming with the excitement of the day!  The day that they’d been leading up to for so long had finally arrived, and no amount of sunshine (or the rain that came later) could take away from that.

Congratulations you two!  I know you’re relaxing in Mexico having a wonderful time right now.  Enjoy!



While Hayley was reading the sweet letter that Phillip wrote her, this is what the boys were doing…

Icing each other.  Boys will be boys!

Waiting for the signal to start walking toward Phillip for the first look.

  • Hayley - Absolutely wonderful! We cant wait to see more! You did a great job, thank you thank you thank you!

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