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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Earlier this week Matthew and I made the 9 hour trek to South Florida for our annual tradition of spending Thanksgiving with the family.

My mom loves to cook and entertain, so Matthew’s parents come join my parents, my godparents and my aunt each year to celebrate.

The house is filled with tantalizing smells long before it’s actually Thanksgiving, as my mom cooks ALL WEEK LONG in preparation of the big day.

Matthew and I stayed up late the night before helping move tables, chairs, and other furniture to get ready for everyone’s arrival the following afternoon while my mom organized her recipes for the appetizers she’d make in the morning.

At 4:30am my mom got up and started on the turkey, which had to be in the oven for a zillion hours to be tender enough to live up to her standards. My dad avoided the kitchen for most of the day.  By the time Matthew and I got up several hours later, the Macy’s day parade was on the television, like it has been every year since I was born.

After a quick trip next door to bring our elderly widowed neighbor some tasty treats, family and friends filled in during the early afternoon. The drinks and conversation started flowing as everyone caught up on what had happened since we’d all been together last time.

Eventually the bird came out of the oven and was carved, and all the accompaniments had been set out on the table.  My dad said grace and then it was time for all of us to chow down!

In between bites of yumminess, people spontaneously burst into song, funny stories were told, and we were all thankful for the time to be together.

I hope your holiday was delightful and if you’re shopping today, be safe!!




Thanksgiving Menu

Fall decor

Thanksgiving table

Fall Candleholders

Thanksgiving tablescape

rebecca in kitchen

In the picture on the left I was doing some sort of household chore, which is obviously what the face is for.


The bird whisperer.


Up next on the holiday schedule: Christmas in Georgia!!

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