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Happy Father’s Day!!

I’d like to wish a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially my own dad!

Growing up, my dad gave me the greatest gift that any dad could give their daughter- his time.  My dad was a firefighter for over 30 years (he is now currently enjoying retirement very much), which allowed him to be home a lot more than most dads.

He would hold my hand and walk me to elementary school every day he wasn’t working and although I remember wishing he would just drive me like the other parents, I’m thankful for those morning walks now that I’m older.

We’d head through our neighborhood and make our way to the school and cross through the P.E. field.  I’d turn and wave goodbye, and then he’d head home for a bit before walking back to pick me up in the afternoon when classes were over.

Some days he’d be running late to pick me up after school and he’d ride his bike to pick me up instead.  I loved those days because I’d get to ride on the handlebars giggling as we sped home.

He introduced me to the fun of professional sports, and didn’t complain when I spent 7 innings of our first baseball game together playing in the Discovery Zone kids area instead of actually watching the game.

He came to my swim meets in high school and made the trip with my mom up for parents weekend every year of college.

After a bit of stern questioning, he gave Matthew his blessing to ask for my hand in marriage.  He drove all the way from South Florida up to Atlanta to pick up my wedding dress with me so he could drive it back home safely instead of having it shipped.

He’s never questioned my decision not to practice law (after he supported me through three years of law school) and to follow my passion for photography instead.

He is patient, kind, loving, understanding and every other positive characteristic you could ever want in a father.  He didn’t even mind when I sent his Father’s Day card two weeks early because I thought Father’s Day was last weekend (see?? understanding!!)

Here are some fun shots of us over the years.

At the fire station.

At Disney for my birthday.

Father’s day in Miami

The Royal Ponciana tree that would bloom at the end of every school year.

My dad always had to get a picture of me in front of the tree in full bloom on our walk to school 🙂

At Doak Campbell Stadium watching an FSU game!

College graduation.

I love you Papi!  I hope you have a great day filled with naps and reading the newspaper 🙂



  • Lula - What a wonderful Father’s Day gift! Your words along with the images speak volumes of how much you love and appreciate your Papi – and why! I know you both feel fortunate to have each other in your life. LM

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