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A while back the ladies over at Get Married asked me if I’d like to come into the studio and share some wedding photography tips with them.

I happily said yes and got to work on preparing what I was going to say.  When the day to film arrived I was a bit nervous, but had a great time.

My episode of Wedding Dish made it’s debut today and I’m so excited for you to see it!

Here are some screen shots to give you a little preview:

You can view the entire video here.

get married wedding dish

get married wedding dish

I included the next one solely because it makes me laugh.

get married wedding dish

There were only a couple of tips included in the video, but I had written a few more and figured that this is the best place to share them!

If your photographer asks you to do something specific, just go with it, even if it seems slightly weird or awkward at the time.

I often ask brides to look down at their shoes, or down at their flowers when photographing them.  This makes your lashes look AMAZING and shows off your fabulous eye makeup.

Similarly, I’ll often have a couple hold each other and softly close their eyes.  It feels weird when you’re doing it, but the resulting image is always lovely.

Put your hand on your hip occasionally, but not in every picture.

If done in moderation it can make your arm look skinnier,  but if overdone it just makes it look like you have an odd injury.  Remember that having your hand on your hip is a pose with attitude, so work it!  Pop one hip up to the side, and rest your hand on it.

Ditch the thin plastic hanger your dress came on.

I’ll often take a wedding dress and move it around to make sure that it is captured in all its gorgeousness.  A plastic hanger with the cardboard boob insert takes away from the magic of the dress on its own.  If you forget, it’s not the end of the world, but it just looks nicer if the fancy dress gets an extra pretty hanger.

It’s very popular right now to get a personalized hanger with your new name on it and you can get them from a variety of sellers online.  You can also look for a hanger with a fun fabric pattern, or even just a nice solid wooden hanger.

Don’t forget to move!

A lot of this comes from not being photographed for an entire day before, but a lot of brides and grooms tend to just stand there when having their pictures taken.  Shake it up and move around!

You don’t have to hurdle over bushes or play tackle football in your wedding clothes, but it is nice to have a little action in your shots.  Have your groom pick you up in a big hug and twirl you around, or even just pick you up and plant a big kiss on you.  Everyone is different, so if there’s something that is uniquely “you” then do it!

If possible, get your hair and makeup done in the same place you’re getting dressed.

The fewer places you have to travel on your wedding day the better.  It makes everyone being more likely to stay on schedule, which makes you less stressed.  You have a better chance of great preparation shots if you’re getting ready closer to the start time than if you’re at a salon at 9am without a photographer there.

There are tons of make up artists and hair stylists that are more than willing to travel to get you gorgeous.  In fact, I had a fabulous make up artist, Serena Jenkins come over to my house before shooting the Wedding Dish video.  I highly recommend her!



  • Ashley Scobey - You are A-DORABLE 🙂 Love this, and love your great advice!

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