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You know that person on the radio who gets really excited when they’re the correct caller and shrieks about how they never win anything?

That was me this morning.

Except not on the radio.

I got an email this morning notifying me that the latest round of Fearless Photographer awards had been given, and as I squinted at it I remembered that we had submitted a few images this time.

I checked our listing on the site to see if we had won, and almost gave Matthew a heart attack when I saw that we had and squealed in delight!

I’m definitely not one to brag, but I’m so proud of this achievement I just had to share it.

There were over 2,000 entries in this round and they picked 126 winners.

Two thousand entries.

And they picked us.

Holy cow y’all.

The other winning images come from an amazing array of talented people and I’m so humbled and thrilled to be included along with them.

I definitely encourage you to go enjoy the full gallery of winning photos; there’s great stuff in there.

If you’d like to head over to Fearless Photographer’s Facebook page and give our picture the old thumbs up, that would be awesome too 🙂

Here’s the winning photo, which is from Julie + James’ wedding at Montaluce.

Thank you so much to the Fearless photographer judges who liked our picture enough to vote for it!




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