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Caroline Sarah Enslein

Our darling baby, Caroline Sarah was born on September 26, 2013.

She arrived a solid ten days after her due date, which made us more anxious for her arrival than we ever thought possible.

I’ve sort of been putting off this blog post because I can’t properly describe with words what Caroline’s birth means to us.

To be completely honest, I was fairly frightened of the transition to motherhood.

Before Caroline was born Matthew and I would often talk about the change that happens after becoming parents.

He referred to it as switch that gets flipped immediately at birth, transforming the way you live your life.

Before Caroline was born this business and our crazy pup Maccabee were my babies.

I was afraid of how different things would be when we added another baby, a REAL baby into the mix.

So here we are, a little over a month into this adventure with three babies and things aren’t scary at all, they’re fantastic.

They’re better than fantastic, they are AMAZING.

Caroline is a wonderful baby, good natured and easy going.

She loves sleeping (it’s second only to her love of eating!) and when she smiles it’s the best thing ever.

Matthew is an incredible father; seeing them together makes my heart explode with love and happiness.

I recently had my first photo shoot after becoming a Mommy and it was so much fun.

Unlike some mothers who dread going back to work because it means being chained to a desk, I got be outside on a beautiful fall day taking pictures.

It is always awesome to be around people in love, especially knowing that when I’m done, I get to go home to the people I love.

The switch has been flipped and life is good!









I’d originally planned to only post pictures from Caroline’s birth, but since she’s already a month old, here are some more!!


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