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Camp Acheaway | A Camp For Children With Juvenile Arthritis

Last summer I had the awesome experience of being the photographer for CampAcheaway, a camp for kids who are living with Juvenile Arthritis.

Camp Acheaway is one of the partners of Camp Twin Lakes,  an amazing organization that hosts different camps for people with a variety of illnesses and other life challenges.

Last summer camp was only a few days long, but this year the kids were fortunate to be able to enjoy themselves for a whole week.

They definitely made the most of it!

Days were filled with splashing in the pool, racing remote control cars at the new track, playing Quidditch, visiting with farm animals, and tons of other fun activities.

Faces were painted, spirit songs were sung, fish were caught and new friendships were formed.

Every afternoon was pool time, and even though the forecast had called for thunderstorms for a few days we were there, the clouds stayed away and the delighted campers swam uninterrupted.

The big event at camp every year is the dance, and this one was no different.

From the day they arrived, campers were whispering to each other about who they wanted to go with and exchanging strategies on how to best extend an invitation to a potential date.

This time around the dance was costume themed and a wide variety of characters showed up for the event.

It was a wonderful week and I look forward to joining everyone again next summer to do it all over again!






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