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We took a LOT of pictures this year.

Mostly of other people.

There were a few that we managed to take of each other while working and I adore them because they’re so us.

From a technical perspective, the majority of them are sketchy at best.  They’ve been unearthed from various corners of my computer and posted in whatever format I found them in.

I hope that you enjoy this peek at the people behind the pictures!



This one is my favorite of the entire year.

Matthew was fixing Steph’s veil and then a gust of wind came and pulled it right out of her hair.

Kids are one of my favorite parts of weddings.  They do and say things you’ll never expect and that makes for great pictures.

We often befriend the little ones and every now and then step in to keep an eye on them!

(photo courtesy of Gregg Willett)

My outfits for weddings aren’t very exciting.  They usually consist of black…and more black.

I’m including this one because it’s the only one we have of us shooting together 🙂 Picture courtesy of the bride’s relative.

Occasionally I will wear something colorful to a wedding!  This was in the Bahamas, so it was island appropriate.

Being serious in pictures is not my strong suit.

Or Matthew’s.

The only picture of me all year shooting in heels.  It was at the party the night before the wedding.

I can’t do heels all day long for a wedding, I’m not that girl.

Matthew is in charge of lining all the family members up for formal pictures, and takes it very seriously.

He always consults his list to make sure we get everyone!

What a gentleman!  He’ll even carry your wedding dress if you need him to.

Sometimes I just take his picture because I think he’s cute.

He really does like working with me…I promise!

Behind most perfectly executed weddings is a wonderful planner.  Here we are with one of our favorites, Jade from Lovelee Affairs.

Picture courtesy of the bride’s relative.

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