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Atlanta Doberman Rescue | Clementine + Bentley

I’ve never had a double header Doberman day until recently, and it sure was fun!

First I went to see darling Clementine, a ten year old female who was abandoned and tied to a speed limit sign in a neighborhood.

She was out there in the pouring rain until someone found her the next morning and took her in.

Clementine is as sweet as they come. She craves human affection and wants to be close all the time.

I had a great time taking her picture and she even played hide and seek with me in the bushes 🙂

After visiting Clementine, went over to meet Bentley!

Bentley is a handsome young dude who is two and a half.

He has a cute, sweet personality.

He adores playing with other dogs, and especially loves to be chased around the yard.

He is great with both male and female dogs.

If you think that either Clementine or Bentley would be a great addition to your family, please visit the Atlanta Doberman Rescue website for more information.




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