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The Buzz Words

You have probably heard a lot of different words regarding albums while searching for your photographer.

Here’s an explanation of some of the important ones you should know.

Flushmount: This means that the pictures are printed directly onto the pages of your album.  This isn’t your parent’s wedding album with yellowing pictures sliding out from inside.  These images are here to stay and the pages they are printed on are incredibly thick and durable.

Lie-Flat Pages: This means that when you open up the album all the way, the album will lie flat and none of the image will be lost in the middle of the page.

Panoramic Layout: This means that pictures can spread across two pages instead of being limited to just one.

Spread: This refers to the two pages opposite each other when you open up an album.

Side: This refers to either the front or the back of one page in an album.

Imprinting: This refers to any writing you would like to have on your album.  All of our albums come with your name imprinted on the spine of the album.

Parent Album: This refers to the album that the parents of the bride or groom may purchase.  Traditionally, parent albums are smaller versions of what the bride and groom get, and can feature more family focused images.

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